AGENDA ITEM: Changing World order after the covid-19 and the place of the world health organization in new order



World Health Organization (WHO)  is a health institution established in 1948, affiliated with the United Nations. The main focus of the World Health Organization is combat infectious diseases such as influenza and HIV and non-infectious diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

The topic of the Futuristic WHO committee is the Corona Virus (Covid-19) which is declared an infectious and respiratory disease by the World Health Organization in 2019. The Delegates of Futuristic WHO are expected to handle the global challenges caused by 3 years of COVID-19 pandemic. Unexpected occurrences about the virus, countries’ policies, the vaccine challenge, which countries produced the vaccine, and who will benefit from it firstly, maintaining the global order in the post-corona period and more will be unraveled by the Futuristic World Health Organization Committee.

Do not forget, anything won’t be the same…