United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Agenda Item: Protection against deforestation and global forest degradation. 

United Nations Environment Programme, United Nations Committee that coordinates United Nations environmental activities, helps developing countries with environmental policies and proposes environmentally friendly development methods. The organization, with its headquarters in Nairobi, is actively involved in any environmental problems. 31% of the world is covered with forests and forest areas are generally destroyed due to agricultural areas, farms, and urbanization. Trees can be cut to be used as raw materials for many sectors, can be used as fuel or forest land can be used as livestock, agriculture, and pasture land. These are the direct causes of deforestation. Also, forest fires have a huge impact on deforestation in lands. Such as Brazil and Australian fires. In the most important rules of physics, Newton’s 3rd law says that if a force of any size affects an object, the object reacts equally but in opposite directions.

We have many effects on deforestation, the point is when this action will react to use against us? It’s just in your hands to prevent it.