Eliminating the Underrepresentation of Women within Media Platforms

UN Women is the part of the United Nations with a complete focus and dedication on gender equality. UN Women was founded by merging the several UN bodies in July 2010 as a part of the UN reform agenda. Until the foundation of UN Women, UN had faced problems in promoting gender equality such as inadequate funding and lack of a single body to direct UN’s activities related to women. With various vital subjects, this committee is a wonderful platform to remind women around the globe of their unique voices. 

At HASTRAIN’19, delegates of UN Women will be focusing on the agenda item of “Eliminating the Under-representation and Misrepresentation of Women within Media Platforms”. With the growing force of media platforms and their influence on society, equal and fair representation is important now more than ever. In the last five years, only 31% of top-grossing movies featured female protagonists and they were most likely to take place in comedies. Only 15% of writers, 4% of directors, and 3% of cinematographers were females. In addition, almost 65% of female characters were portrayed by white women. The statistics for women of color and different ethnicities are often really low for all the cinematic genres, television shows, and other media platforms. At this committee, delegates will aim to find effective solutions to change the current situation of female representation.

Under Secretary General: Aşkın Su Candan

Academic Assistant: Berker Altıntaş

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