Promoting and Protecting Minority Rights in the World

GA3: SOCHUM is one of the six main bodies of the United Nations with a complete focus and dedication on the topics of social, cultural and humanatarian aspects of the worlds problems. SOCHUM committee was established in 1948 in order to find solutions to the previously mentioned problems of the World in the aftermath of World War two. The committee meets annually in October and consists of 193 United Nations member states. The committee’s mandate is on social issues and humanitarian affairs but it also takes into consideration issues relating to:

    • Advancement of Women rights
    • Protection of Children
    • Crime prevention and Criminal Justice
  • The treatment of refugees and related issues such as racism and discrimination

At HASTRAIN’19, the delegates of GA3: SOCHUM committee will debate on the agenda item of “promoting and protecting minority rights in the World”. With the growing right wing political atmosphere around the World, the first scapegoats would always be the minorities due to their low representation and isolation within a bigger ethnic group they live with. With the concept of National souvereignity the empires of 20th century were dissolved into smaller, nation based countries with most of the inhabitants belonging to the same ethnic and cultural background. Though hegemonistic empires are no more, even with these advancements some minority groups were either too small or too dependent to their bigger and more organized neighbours. Due to this they were absorbed into nations that they were not a part of. With this development the concept of minority rights were born. Throughout the centuries we saw violence, opression and even genocide towards the minorities. Even in this modern day and age, throughout the World, these basic human rights are still infringing upon in both developped, still developping and under-developped parts of the World.

At this committee, delegates will aim to find effective solutions to change and prevent the degredation of minority rights and develop them through the UN body with debates and Exchange of ideas.

Under Secretary General: İkbal Baş

Academic Assistants: Gökçe Güder and Eda Gürler

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