French Cabinet: 1848 Revolution

Agenda Item: Revolution and freedom movements emerged in France in 1848.
The revolutions of 1848, also known as Spring of Nations on February 23, 1848, were the revolutions that caused great changes throughout Europe by affecting People of France, the German States, the Austrian Empire, the Kingdom of Hungary, the Italian States, Denmark, Wallachia, Poland, and other countries.

As a result of these revolts, a lot of social and cultural changes have emerged. By the middle of the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution in Europe reached its peak in the pace of development. Although there was a great increase in the income of industrialists and companies, the people living in the villages and cities were suffering from poverty. Workers worked 13-15 hours a day, being a child did not change anything and was employed; they continued to live in difficult conditions in unhealthy and dirty housing. Agricultural problems in those years exposed the problem of starvation and dissatisfaction occurred in a large part of society.


 Are you ready to fight riots? What about protecting your life while the footsteps of a great revolution are heard?