Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals

Economic and Social Council, is one of the six main committees of the United Nations established by the United Nations Charter in 1946 is the principal body for coordination, policy review, policy dialogue, and recommendations on economic, social and environmental issues, as well as for implementation of the internationally agreed development goals. Economic and Social Council serves as the central mechanism for the activities of the United Nations system and its specialized agencies and supervises the subsidiary and expert bodies in the economic, social and environmental fields. Functions of the council are, to encourage the universal respect for an observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms, to assist the organization of major international conferences in the field of economic and social fields, to prepare draft conventions for submission to the General Assembly, to make arrangements for consultations with non-governmental organizations, to find solutions of international economic, social, health and related problems, and international cultural and educational cooperation, to make or initiate studies and reports with respect to international economic and social matters, to coordinate the work of the specialized agencies and programmes and their functional commissions and five regional commissions.

At HASTRAIN 2019, Economic and Social Council will be focusing on the topic of Sustainable Development Goals, after the Millennium Development Goals, the United Nations set 17 new goals such as: No Poverty, Gender Equality, Affordable and Clean Energy, Climate Action and Quality Education. Since the resources are expected to vanish in 11 years if the people will not make changes in their lifestyle, delegates of the Economic and Social Council are expected to come up with ideas that can make the world a place where everyone can live equally, while keeping the idea of a sustainable world.

Under Secretary General: Lara Cin

Academic Assistant: Murat Feriz

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