The Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)

The Syrian Civil War

The first quarter of this century has been quite an eventful one, the world has made a lot of progress in all fields, and we have unfortunately succumbed into conflict in some regions. The Syrian Civil War has been ongoing for 8 years now, certainly not the longest war in history, but with all the events compressed together in less than a decade the war feels longer than it should as entire generations are born into it. This war probably changed how conflict will be resolved in the new era of earth, as proxy organizations are used, social media covers every event in the conflict as everyone can record on their phone and post the videos on Twitter in a matter of few seconds. This year however, peace between all sides appears to be quite plausible with the recent events and how parties in Syria are open for peace discussions. It will certainly be an interesting year for the people of Syria as their country has a chance to end the longest and bloodiest war in their modern history. You are well than welcomed to help us solve this horrible war.

Abdullah Qureshi, Under-Secretary General


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