Every hard work deserves to be rewarded!

In order to dust the tiring vibes which come along with the long-term preparation period of HASTRAIN19, our lovely members, organization, and academic team, our special guests, went on a spree last night at WOM-Karak

öy. These are the joyful pictures from our social event last night :

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Scary Cookies

You never eat a cookie-like that! 

Don’t eat them. 

There is a story about these cookies. At this time of the year who eat those cookies, they got cursed. 

In a very far and small village, a witch made this recipe at midnight. ın the morning witch change the cookies with baker cookies. That day everyone in the village loved the cookies and finished all of them. At midnight everyone in that village vanished except the witch.

From that moment who made that recipe and eat the cookies vanish immediately.

Send them to your friends and see what they going to do. 

If you dare to eat them you can find our witche— I mean our pr team to have them.

Let's Gets Social !

Our one and the only social party has announced. It will start at 21.00 in WOM KARAKÖY. 

A warm and comfy place for having fun and relax after all these sessions. You can get to know your new friends. You can find other countries from your committee and you can make them your allies. Maybe we can see the USA and Russian Federation delegates dancing together.

You can get your tickets from Finance Desk before they ran out!.

What Happened In Opening Ceremony

We just finished our Opening Ceremony and Training Session. Before starting our news we want to thank our Logistic Director Onur Odabaşı for his ballroom entertainment. – the moment he took the microphone. – 

In the opening ceremony, our lovely Director-General Lal Kula made her speech -she was looking so pretty on stage-. 

After her speech, our favorite gentleman Secretary-General Tolga Yeşil made his speech and STARTED OUR CONFERENCE AS OFFICIAL.

Did you see HASMUNTV’s wonderful videos? The rumor has that they have a great YouTube channel.

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