Kadir Has University Model United Nations Conference 24-26 April

Kadir Has University, İstanbul

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Kadir Has University, Istanbul

Kadir Has University Model United Nations Conference 24-26 April

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Honorable participants,

It is a great honor for me, as the Secretary-General of the Kadir Has University Model United
Nations Conference 2020, to introduce the seventh edition of our conference.
This year, unlike the previous years, we brought together many social, economic, cultural and
military problems at the same conference to see the unique solutions that the participants will
bring. Each committee has a different perspective and different topics. They are designed to
address your unique interests so one of our committees will suit you well.
This year at HASMUN20, we have prepared 7 different committees for delegates, where you
can experience the MUN culture and feel the diplomatic atmosphere from the beginning until
the end.

Our first committee is about The Libyan Civil War, in which the delegates of the
Disarmament and International Security Committee will evaluate the problems with possible
resolutions in the North African Region. Due to the oil and different interests of many
countries, it will be a great opportunity to prevent this conflict in the region.

Our second committee is UNHRC, in which the delegates of the United Nations Human
Rights Council will approach problems with a different perspective in the protests and other
kinds of public movements. Protesting is a right, but governments can overreact to this right.
The common problems of protests in Hong Kong, Chile, France, and many countries are
eventually infringing on violence on both sides. Can you promise people a nonviolent protest

Our third committee simulation is UNEP which is about protecting against deforestation and
global forest degradation. Our forests, which are accepted as the lungs of the earth, constitute
a large part of our world. In the Amazon, Turkey, Greece and the recent forest fires occurred
in Australia have led to serious losses in forest resources. It is possible to minimize forest fires
and heal the areas damaged by these fires, just believe in yourself.

Our fourth committee is HASCOM, which has a special place for HASMUN, with the subject
of development and sharing of automation technologies and re-evaluation of unnecessary
workforce caused by automation. Can you find a common way of automation, when
technology is growing incredibly, on the one hand, taking into account workers’ rights and
work opportunities, and on the other hand, considering the efficiency of companies?

Our fifth committee is the French Cabinet that will take you back to the 1848 Revolution. The
Revolution of 1848 had a very special place in history, and now many ordinary and
fundamental rights were won by great tussle at that time. However, in HASMUN'20, you will
approach this revolution from a very different perspective and rewrite the history with a
government against this revolution.

Our sixth committee is the Battle of Stalingrad, where you will feel the Second World War
with its every aspect. This war, which is one of the biggest milestones in history, faces the
German discipline and the Russian perseverance as well. So which side will you choose? Is
Germany the leader of the period with military technology or the solid stone of its economy
with Russia? It’s up to you.

And lastly, our final committee which is the apple of my eye is V for Vendetta: High
Chancellor Cabinet. Behind this committee, there is more than just a cabinet. Beneath this
committee, there is an idea and ideas are bulletproof. As the HASMUN Family, we invite you
for an adventure against V together with the High Chancellor of the United Kingdom.

With the magnificent HASMUN Academic and Organization Teams, we are looking forward
to making you experience an unforgettable Model United Nations conference. 

Last but definitely not least, I would like to thank our Director-General Ekin Eryazar and her
Deputy Director-General Lal Kula for their unbelievable effort and hard work.
 I have to mention that, their struggle in the process and not giving up in any circumstances
was highly inspiring. Lastly, I would like to thank some special colleagues who never left us
and stand by with us against every problem we faced during this process, without any interest.
Your supports will never be forgotten.

Now we would like to invite you to Kadir Has University, Cibali Campus between 24-26th
April to be a part of this unique conference experience.

Kind Regards.

İlyas Evren Kurt

Secretary-General at Kadir Has University Model United Nations Conference 2020.

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