UNHRC: Situation of Women in Conflict Zones

Hello everyone! This is Ali Muqaddas, the under secretary general of UNHRC for this year’s Hastrain 18. Im a junior at Odtu, studying political science. I have been an active member of the debating society for a very long time back in Pakistan. In Turkey I have had the honor to chair at a few prestigious conferences like Muntr. Most of my experience in muns is with humanitarian committees and social topics. WithYiğit, the academic assistant, we will make sure to provide the delegates a good learning platform and a qualitative debate. Hope to see all of you at Kadir Has

The UNHRC is responsible for the promotion and protection of human rights. To do so the
committee actively promotes human rights, checks what governments do for the protection of those rights, addresses the violations of human rights and gives recommendations to other UN bodies especially regarding human right emergencies.

The agenda, the situation of women in conflict zones will cater issues like sexualized violence as a weapon of war, women as bargaining chips in hostage exchanges, women as combatants, efficient health systems, accountability measure and policies to create deterrence and protection of their fundamental rights in conflict zones. We will also discuss different case studies like the middle eastern countries and consider past UN actions while drafting new solutions

Ali Muqaddas

Under Secretary General responsible for UNHRC