If a delegate/ delegation would like to have a BILL from Kadir Has University, they have to pay an extra fee (18% X total amount) during payment process. So please specify invoice request at application form.
Observer (Daily) fee is 50TL. Please inform our Finance Team before the conference so the team can prepare your badge and meal ticket. (The fee only covers badge, lunch ticket and coffee breaks of the day.)
*Advisor from High School, will stay at single room during the conference.
Extra Night is 18€/70TL fort the participant and 30€/120TL for the Advisor from High Schools.
Do not make your payments before you get the acceptance letter from our Public Relations Team. Payments made before the acceptance letter will be invalid.
Our Finance Team will send you the banking information after you get your letter of acceptance.
There won’t be any refund.
Payments will be counted invalid if:
• Members of delegations pay the fee separately; fee has to be paid by headdelegate/advisor of the delegation as one hand.
• Payment made without name or proper statement.
For any further questions about payment details you can contact with our Finance Team: hasmunfinance@gmail.com