20 December 2017


Agenda Item: Relations with Ukraine

Under-Secretary-General: Yunus İşçener

Academic Assistants to the Committee: Cansu Süt, Oğuzhan Güllüoğlu

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s priorities and objectives in Eastern Europe and the Russian periphery in Europe have gradually shifted in the last decade. This transformation of NATO military and strategic priorities could be attributed to the perception of renewed Russian aggression in specifically Ukraine, parts of Eastern Europe, the Baltic and Caucasus regions. The power and influence struggle over the Ukrainian civil war, turmoil in Donetsk and Russian seizure of Crimean Peninsula are contributing to NATO’s perception of the Russian Federation as aggressive power seeking territorial and strategic expansion.

This committee focuses on NATO’s most important strategic partner and potentially crucial ally in the Russian periphery; Ukraine. NATO is seeking a new approach to defending Eastern Europe from emerging threats, and a new security architecture in Eastern Europe will require Ukraine to play an ever more significant role.