The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (hereinafter referred to as ICTY) is a United Nations based criminal court which surmounts war crimes such as genocide, crime against humanity, deportation, and torture. The court established in 1993 in response to focus on the events happened in Croatia and Bosna and Herzegovina in the 1990s. In those areas, particularly, thousands of civilians were murdered or sexually abused in detention camps and UN Security Council to act.
The ICTY was the first war crimes court created and the first international war crimes tribunal and it was established by the Security Council in accordance with Chapter VII of the UN Charter.
The organizational components of the Tribunal are Chambers, Registry, and the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP). Firstly, the responsibilities of the prosecutors are investigating crimes and gathering evidences by being the head of the OTP. In addition, Chambers are operated for the purpose of encompassing the judges as well as their aids as three Trial Chambers and one Appeals Chamber run the process. Lastly, there are seven permanent and one ad hoc judge in Tribunal.
One hundred and sixty one individuals are indicted between 1997 and 2004, as of 2016, by the Tribunal and one hundred and fifty four of them has completed as one hundred and four of them were completed by the ICTY including being acquitted, being convicted and sentenced, prison sentences, imprisonment and the remaining part of the cases were transferred to other courts or terminated prior to trial completion due to withdrawals and the deaths of the indictees.
The key goal of the ICTY is to attempt those people most in charge of shocking acts, for example, kill, torment, assault, oppression, annihilation of property and different wrongdoings recorded in the Tribunal’s Statute. By conveying culprits to trial, the ICTY intends to prevent future wrongdoings and render equity to a large number of casualties and their families, in this manner adding to an enduring peace in the previous Yugoslavia.

Case: The Prosecutor v. Radovan Karadžić

Under Secretary General: Nihan Üçer
Academic Assistant: Eralp Ünver

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