Futuristic Security Council, has an essential duty for the sustenance of international peace and security. It has 19 Members, with the recent UN reform. Members of the Council are mandatory to apply resolutions of the board.

In 2088, the situation all around the world is unlike today. Technology and science were improved. However, conditions are more different than today, and the members of the Security Council have to deal with scarcity and chaos. Countries, all around the world, they are not only trying to handle with these issues but also they have to provide security for their communities. On the other hand, uprisings, uncontrolled violence, and possible interventions are threatening new world order.

Consequently, countries will focus on all these issues, and they have to deal with inevitable crises. All the members of the council will decide the new world order.

Open Agenda

Under Secretary General: Onuralp Acar
Academic Assistant: Kübra Obalı

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