20 December 2017


Agenda Item: Promotion of Education, Healthcare, and Employment as essential rights for LGBT+ individuals

Under-Secretary-General: Yiğit Selimoğlu

Academic Advisor to the Committee: Polat Yamaner

Academic Assistant to the Committee: Aylin Samsar

CEDSG is a predictive expert committee taking place in a future date, based on the appointment of an Independent Expert on sexual orientation and gender identity by the UN Human Rights Council through the resolution 32/2 in 2016. The academic team has prepared a convention creating the framework for the expert committee’s proceedings.

CEDSG will be working on the issues of discriminatory factors, effecting LGBT+ individuals in education, healthcare, employment and many more. For years, LGBT+ community has been treated horribly and persecuted in cruel and inhumane ways. The LGBT+ community still struggles to make a statement and make themselves heard. Around the globe; nations, regimes, communities, and individuals still relentlessly pursue persecuting and punishing LGBT+ individuals for the sole basis of their identity. The LGBT+ communities in these nations and countries not only live under harsh conditions, they are also silenced and prevented from voicing their distresses.

To help; we must hear their voice, we must provide them a safe platform where they can voice their concerns without the fear of death or persecution.