Committees of Ad-Hoc, where the term comes from a Latin word “for this”, are formed for a specific task or objective. During HASMUN 2017, delegates of this specific committee will work upon the world’s latest humanitarian crisis, mainly focused on Turkey.

Turkey is the host country with the largest refugee population in the world, over 3.1 million Syrians in July, 2016, and %90 percent ot the Syrian Population remains outside of the refugee camps. This situation creates unbalance between Syrian citizens and Turkish citizens, additionally brings many other problems as well.

The crisis does not only affect Turkey, but also concerns neighboring countries and many NGOs as well. The movement of undocumented immigrants and human traffickers are not totally stoppable, or the immigrants who live outside of the refugee camps cannot provide themselves a sustainable life, and most of them forced to work illegally with a minimum salary in unhealthy work conditions. This also creates clash between immigrants and local people in the host countries.

This Ad-Hoc committee will try to push your limits as a delegate where the delegates will represent the Ministers of Interiors and also some certain NGOs which work actively in terms of refugees and immigrants. We believe that, this will be one of the most memorable committees of your Model United Nations career.

Open Agenda

Under Secretary General: Aybüke Çalışkan
Academic Assistant: Edanur Göçmen

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