Esteemed participants,

I have always found great pleasure in serving the MUN community through the years I have spent participating in conferences. I had the chance to meet and discuss with many distinct individuals and truly enjoyed their presence. It is indeed meaningful for me to be now, satisfying my responsibilities, as the Secretary-General of a conference dedicated to United Nations values, a culture of debate, and a community of eager participants from diverse backgrounds.

A large and highly qualified academic team from various fields of disciplines have been working rigorously since last June in order to establish a framework, and theorize on the conference theme. Now, I can confidently say that, we will be providing you with excellent academic material, and a properly equipped debate environment.

We chose the theme of the conference to be “Freedoms: Struggle of the subject in the margin to come to voice”, structuring the central focus of the committee discussions. With an agenda devoted to freedoms, we intend to disrupt the silence placed on the subjects in the margin. Acknowledging the fact that, many individuals still face alienation, oppression, and ignorance; being further pushed into isolation and silence; their struggles are either completely dismissed or severely romanticized beyond giving them proper recognition as subjects. We cannot turn a blind eye to this issue remaining unaddressed: This year, HASMUN’18 moves to provide a space of openness to all those who desire to discuss, share their views on, and theorize with us ways of re-vision.

I believe that words are meaningful, they are an action in themselves; therefore, I invite you for critical articulation and seek your participation and collaboration. Let us come together, discuss, and produce a discourse against hegemony.

Let us continue to do our part.

Tuna Öğüt

Secretary-General of Kadir Has University Model United Nations Conference 2018

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