Dear Delegates and Advisors,

It is my distinct honor and pleasure to formally invite you to attend the 4th annual HASTRAIN 2018 held in Kadir Has University which will be held from October 27 to October 28 2018 on our beloved campus, located in the center of İstanbul, Haliç.

This 4 year tradition has been carried over by newer generations of our club members each year to this day and is now a growing family with no signs of stopping, a platform where every participant gets introduced to the MUN community or adds on to their skills in various fields regarding MUN. Our Secretariat strives to create a forum where high school and university students can come to meet other delegates from around the world and debate pressing international issues. Through HASTRAIN, many participants have been able to try their hand at diplomacy, practicing the indispensable skills of research, public speaking, debate, and collaboration, all while learning new perspectives on international relations and making new lifelong friendships.

It is also worthy of noting that participants that are new to İstanbul scene should take the chance to get to know the city better, since the conference and accommodation will be held in central locations we believe you will have no trouble to do that.

Regarding the committees, we have made a choice of including Disarmament, Economical and Social Committee, United Nations Humans Rights Council, United Nations Environmental Programme and Special Political Committee, with topics mainly focusing on issues the world topples every year yet manages to forget within a week after making headlines, these fundamental issues should be a good debating point for delegates of all levels of experience but remarkably comfortable for new additions to our community. Also I would like to formally invite you all to the 6th installment of HASMUN which will be held between 26 and 28 April 2019 at our school where participants will be able to find more committees of varying levels.

With that I welcome and look forward to seeing all of our participants on the 27th of October, at HASTRAIN 2018, hoping that you will have an exquisite time, debates and most importantly have fun.

Best Regards

Ata Mavi

Secretary General of HASTRAIN’18

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